Jet Grouting, Micropiling, Soil Nailing, Shotcreting

As a leading foundation engineering contractor, Ammico is always evaluating alternate strategies and performing value engineering which may be beneficial to a particular project. Thus Ammico has developed the expertise to undertake the full range of geotechnical works so that it is able to adopt the strategy that may be best suited to any given site condition.

Jet grouting can be a useful method for ground improvement in certain types of soils. Similarly, mircropiles which are small diameter piles (generally 300mm or less in diameter) may be useful for carrying uplift loads or for earth rentention where enough area is not available for normal earth retention systems. Micropiles may also find use in low headroom applications. Soil nailing and shotcreting may be an economical solution for stabilization of rock excavations against local failure in medium to strong rocks where such rocks are generally stable under a vertical cut or under a slope close to vertical.

Projects involving Jet Grouting, Micropiling, Soil Nailing, Shotcreting include: