Foundation Engineering

Ammico is an established geotechnical contractor with an industry-wide experience of over four decades and has a presence in various countries. Ammico has expertise in the installation of Bored piles, Shoring works, Ground improvement solutions, ground Anchors, Marine Piling, and Earthworks & also emerged as a leader in deep diaphragm wall installation works.


Bored cast-in-situ piles have application both as foundation piles for carrying vertical and lateral loads of the structures and as shoring piles for earth retention systems.


Diaphragm walls are in situ reinforced concrete underground walls commonly used as retention systems and permanent foundation walls.

Ammico has extensive experience in providing various other economical/value engineered shoring solutions suited to the project conditions

Ground anchors are utilized as tie backs for shoring elements such as diaphragm walls, secant piles, contiguous piles, or soldier piles

Ammico has expertise in both design and execution of dewatering works. Ammico has successfully implemented various dewatering solutions

Micro piles are small diameter piles, generally 300 mm or less in diameter, and are useful for small compression/uplift loads and may be used for earth retention